Install works but site is "garbled"

boB Rudis
  • boB Rudis

    boB Rudis - 2005-02-05

    Running the (very nice!) installation procedure (http://.../installation) works well. When I try to "run" the site (or just visit the main page) all I get is what you see @

    It looks like somewhere the code just stops being interpreted.

    Any ideas?

    • Stefan Elsner

      Stefan Elsner - 2005-04-08

      could you tell me more about the setup you are using?

      i looked at your site. the site dumps the file lib/polerio.php
      this might be caused by the <? tag at the beginning of the file.

      I see two options: a) you could update php.ini:
      set short_open_tag = On

      or add <?php to the beginning of the file.

      this is obviously something which should be fixed in the distribution ASP

      let me know if it works


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