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  • Ian

    Ian - 2008-06-02

    Same problem as others have reported - I go to login and get a message saying "Login Successful" but no other changes

    I had installed the software a few years ago when I was still a student and it worked fine.  It was hosted remotely.  The hosting company moved it to a different server and now the login feature won't work.  Because it is hosted remotely by another organization I don't have any control over the PHP setup so I can't change the php.ini.  I have already tried reinstalling the latest version.

    Any suggestions?

    The server it is on has the following setup:
    PHP 5.2.4
    MySQL 4.1.20

  • Renaud

    Renaud - 2012-05-28

    Hi gibsonian,

               Were you ever able to resolve this issue you are having with PHPMyLibrary?  I am having the same issue now.  I was able to install it on my localhost and it works fine.  But when I install it on my server so I can use it remotely, when I try to loging, it will tell me successfuly logged in, but no other changes.


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