cRazY_c0d3r - 2006-07-03

Some of the documentation and past posts refer to the ability of PhpMyLibrary to function as a module in PHP-Nuke and PostNuke. There is little/no documentation on how to install it, but from piecing the information together, I got the module installed as well as is possible. After trying for many hours to get the module working, I started reading the source code and server errors the module is causing. Just about every URL PhpMyLibrary refers to when functioning as a module is wrong. Maybe this problem was introduced with the directory restructuring? I tried fixing it this weekend, but there are just too many places where there are problems, and I'm not familiar enough with the code. I would like to help, but need to be able to ask the developer(s) questions. Are there any plans for fixing PhpMyLibrary to work in PostNuke or PHP-Nuke?
Polerio, I suggest you try a fresh module installation under PostNuke to see what I'm talking about.
Any suggestions to get it working anyone? Any older versions working as modules?

Thanks for any help!