PhpMyLibrary Developers Training Outline

  • Charles Fiddler

    Charles Fiddler - 2003-06-12

    The Proposed PhpMyLibrary Developers Training Outline

    The following are the scope of the PhpMyLibrary Developers Training


    July 21-23 1-5 PM GMT+8 Philippine Time

    Philippine Council for Health Research & Development
    Department of Science & Technology
    3rd flr., DOST Main Bldg., Bicutan, Taguig 1631,
    Metro Manila, Philippines


    Alex Sea

    Sweet Santiago

    Wilfred Villaruz

    Ross Bachiller (PhpMyLibrary Users)

    Benjamin Roquiero (PhpMyLibrary Users)

    Paolo Falcone (System Administrator)

    Bill Russel Nicolas (System Analysts)

    Please indicate other participants interested
    in this session.


    The training requires the following equipment for the presentation:

    CDRW - This will be given to the developers. This will comprise the bundled
    copy of the software needed to install, run and configure the
    PhpMyLibrary version 2.0.2-1. It also includes other software needed to
    enhance the PhpMyLibrary.

    The following are the software that will be included in this CD:

    Apache 2.x.x
    MySQL  4.x.x
    PHP 4.x.x
    PhpMyAdmin 2.x.x
    PhpMyLibrary 2.x.x
    Python 2.2.x
    wxPython 2.2.
    Python-MySQLdb Module
    Sample CDS/ISIS and MARC File
    PhpMyLibrary SQL File
    Developer's Training Manual
    DocBook DTD/XML

    LCD Projector - This will be used for Flash
    pPresentation of the project.

    CD Writer - We will use this to modify our existing CDRW. As training goes
    on more resource will be added.

    PhpMyLibrary Developer's Manual - Every developer should have a copy of this
    manual for their training roadmap.

    Other training requirement comprises the ff:

    1. Whiteboard

    2. Internet Connection if possible - for online testing
    of other online PhpMyLibrary enabled website)

    3. Linux Server


    Day One (Overview):

    1. Evaluation of other open source library system. Koha (Europe), Obilio (US)

    2. Introduction to PhpMyLibrary

    3. Version and History, Current User Statistics/Project History

    4. Process flow or data flow diagram

    5. WebPAC Module Overview

    6. Cataloging Module Overview

    7. Import/Export Functionalities Overview

    8. Online Borrowing/Reservation Overview

    9. Python ISIStoMARC polGenSQL

    10. Database Structure and Relationship

    11. Search Methods

    12. Relationship of every other module

    13. Theme System

    14. Internationalization

    15. Documentation

    16. Standards (MARC)

    17. Coding Standars

    Day Two (Technical):

    Classes and Functions of every module will be studied
    The functions (description,process,parameters),
    constants and Variables will be covered here.

    1. WebPAC Module Coding Structure (Online Catalog Searching)

    2. Cataloging Module (Manual encoding of catalog entries )

    3. Circulation Module (User and Administrator Management Functions)

    4. Transaction Module (User Borrowing/reservation functions)

    5. File Management Module (CDS/ISIS, MARC Import and Export)

    Day Three (Enhancement):

    1. PhpMyLibrary 3.0.0 features

    2. Millions of records searching database structure

    3. Documentation Strategy

    4. Internationalization

    5. Windows/MAC/Linux-GTK GUI-enalbed port of PhpMyLibrary

    6. Coding Techniques. Creating reusable codes.

    7. Constraint and Issues


    9. PhpMyLibrary-2.0.2 to PML3

    • jackson  mak

      jackson mak - 2009-01-02

      Dear Poleria

      Is it possible to release the training materials to share by those including me who are so interested in learning more about phpmylibrary. All the contents shown in the layout are really interesting and useful.




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