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  • Simon Booth

    Simon Booth - 2006-03-27


    One of the parts of pmf I have always been least happy with has been the presentation. As I start work on version 2 (!!!) I want to implement some kind of template engine to allow installations to have more control over their look and feel.

    I have seen a few around, but what are your favourites and why?


    • darkstar3d

      darkstar3d - 2007-07-15

      I agree with Carolyn, phpNuke is not the way to go. I don't have any experience on any framework so no help there.

      Michael, if you are having issues with CSS, check out Style Master (http://www.westciv.com/style_master/). ALL my CSS issues are gone, and you can see the changes as you update it.

    • Michael Coyle

      Michael Coyle - 2006-04-26

      My preference would be towards a theme format that resembled phpnuke, one that relies more on HTML blocks than on CSS.

      In phpnuke, there is a header, footer, and then files for BLOCKS of content. CSS is only used to define text styles.

      Other CMS rely more heavily on CSS and while I consider myself pretty good at this stuff, CSS when used for themes gets so complicated I can't make heads-or-tails out of it. This means A LOT of trial and error as I try to decipher what the codes control.

      Thanks for the work and if you need a beta tester you can find me at:

      http://www.coylefamily.com/phpfamily/ ;-)

      Good Luck!

      • Carolyn Marenger

        I just ook a look at PHP-NUKE and I totally DISagree! The PHP-NUKE interface breaks down very quickly when font size changes are required. Using tables for layout is a lousy way to set up a page.

        I would prefer if the interface is table-free, except when displaying tabular data. CSS for page structure, overall styling, and yes - text styles.

        Using php, it is easy to break files apart into header, footer, left column, middle column, right column, and even handle source ordering for search engines. Ruthsarian's skidoo-redux is a great example of a three column layout, that even hides the side menus from printers. wordpress does a good job of breaking the code into seperate files, if you need/want an example of that.

        Thanks, Carolyn


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