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  • Paul

    Paul - 2013-01-23

    I like the 'lightness' of this program compared to other php genealogy offerings!

    Is the 'Census details' concept set in stone? Personally I would prefer if this was replaced with a general 'events' area, offering the various gedcom tags (for example RESI, OCCU etc). It could also include tags not related to census returns.

    Also, the various censuses are currently hard-coded so what happens in, for example, 2021 in the UK (short of editing a table in phpmyadmin or a file where this info is stored)? I also have OCCU and RESI information from other sources that I'd like to include in this area. I only have around 600 people in my tree but each person has quite a lot of detail!

    I can't really see the relevance of 'Details of father at birth' - surely his occupation and/or notes belong in his own record?

    The number of images displayed on the front page isn't working for me - I have two images (and two generated thumbnails) but it's showing number of images as 3.

    Would an index of individuals be better than the drop-down list at top right? Equally, wouldn't drop-downs or auto-look up for things like places be a good idea to prevent duplication/error through mis-spelling and reduce typing?

    I realise some of these would involve a lot of changes but I thought they were worth suggesting :D

    Keep up the good work!

    EDIT: Ah, I see there is a name index available when clicking the front page name count, I was looking for an explicit link somewhere.

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  • Ian Wright

    Ian Wright - 2013-01-24

    Thanks for the feedback

    The census is recorded as a specific type of event in the database - in fact with a bit of url hacking you can edit it as such however because it's such a common source of information there is a special page (and some extra detail) to make it easier to edit e.g. by listing all the family likely to be present at that time.
    More general events are recorded as notes - so you can use the description i.e. top field for OCCU etc if you so wish.
    (I'm not sure how this would be reflected in the gedcom import/export (probably ignored) as that's not a big priority for me - I've had some help in the past with this but more is always welcome!)
    In fact pretty much everything is stored as an event, or connected to an event, in the database

    The different censuses are stored in the database - at the moment they do have to be added by hand - again not a huge priority as new ones are only publically available every 10 years.

    The details of father at birth are there because it's on the birth certificate - again a common source of info so this makes it easy to add when you are adding a person - technically this is added as an attendee record connected to the birth event record and the attendee record is linked to the father not the child.

    Not sure about the images - possibly an extra superfluous row added during install?

    If you change the layout option on the admin page (admin.php) to one of the dojo options you'll find that there is auto-look up available for names, places and sources - I prefer dojo panes

    Agreed that some of the links/layout could be more obvious...


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