Integrating With My Site

  • Anonymous - 2011-12-08

    I already have a website with usernames/passwords and want to integrate
    PhpMyChat with it using the usernames/passwords my members already have.
    However, the encryption is different.

    My site uses SHA1, whereas PhpMyChat uses MD5.

    Is there a simple way to fix this so it will work? (I've added the tables
    phpmychat requires to the username/password table I already have... it is just
    the password encryption that seems to be the issue)

  • Ciprian Murariu

    Ciprian Murariu - 2011-12-11

    Unfortunately, last time I tried to integrate/join the users data with phpbb,
    I had to give up because of the encryption methods...

    You need to look for md5() function in this files:

    index.lib.php lines 17, 394, 716 and 1309

    remotelogin.lib.php lines 17, 395, 717 and 1307

    exit.php line 74

    register.php line 152

    edituser.php line 113

    pass_reset.php line 130


    login.lib.php line 27 (for admin panel logins)

    also admin1.php, admin2.php and admin7.php, each with 2 occurences.

    I don't know if this is enough, it depends on your approach on how you join
    the data/tables or share them (for profiles I mean). If you come to a working
    solution, please contact me at ciprianmpatyahoodotcom so I can take a look and
    provide a patch sample for other people that requested this in the last 10


    Ciprian M.

  • Ciprian Murariu

    Ciprian Murariu - 2011-12-11

    Oh, you should replace the md5 function in phpmychat with the encryption
    method from your site (sha1)...


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