#34 Feature Request : Admin Approval Required for Registration


Hi, i just installed, phpMyBitTorrent. I wanted to install rTorrent, i tried, but requires many extra stuff, which my HSP(host srv prov) doesn't allow or very complicated to install. This one is great. PHP based.

I'm trying to use it for my personal usage only, not for public, that is, to get files from my home computer to my friend's computer. i want to keep files in my home computer, and on my relative's computer which i have access to, and share same files through same bittorrent client, for faster delivery.

What i'm requesting is :
I want to, be able to give access to the website only to few specific friends, and only after i approve their registration process.

I'm not aware, if this soft has any option like that, if not then will u please implement, or inform me ? or place a note in your documentation for information.


  • Joe Roberts

    Joe Roberts - 2008-09-01
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  • Joe Roberts

    Joe Roberts - 2009-01-18

    what you reported is not properly a bug. We already know about
    this problem, and it's due to phpMyBitTorrent incompletion.

    We are working to develop all the missing features, and they will
    be included in further versions.
    However, we are sorry for the inconvenience and we ask you to
    accept our apologizes.

  • Joe Roberts

    Joe Roberts - 2009-01-18

    This is a requist and should be posted in the forum

  • Joe Roberts

    Joe Roberts - 2009-01-18
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