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The new homepage on the new domain is launched!
Enjoy it!

Posted by Dirk 2005-03-19

New Release: phpMyBackupPro v.1.3.2

A new version of phpMyBackupPro is released now.
It mainly fixes a bug with wrong error messages.
Read history.tct for all changes.

Posted by Dirk 2005-03-12


phpMyBackupPro v.1.3.1 shows a wrong error message:
Alos if a backup is successful, you anyway get the error "Could not store database ..."

Posted by Dirk 2005-03-12

New release: phpMyBackupPro v.1.3.1

This release focalizes on a minor bux fix (in the backup functions). Also the ULRs in the comments where updated to the new project home page

Posted by Dirk 2005-03-10

New phpMyBackupPro home page

The new official home page of phpMyBackupPro is online.
phpMyBackupPro is a web-based MySQL database backup and managment tool! All major features are listed on the home page. It also includes a download page, help page, screenshots and more!

Posted by Dirk 2005-03-10

New release: phpMyBackupPro v.1.3

The latest version of phpMyBackupPro ist released now!
Some features have been added and some minor bugs were fixed. One new featur is the 'directory backup' function, requested under number 1116262.
Please read history.txt for more information.

Posted by Dirk 2005-03-05

User Mailing List

Today I opened the new mailing list for all topics related to phpMyBackupPro! I hope it will help all users having problems, suggestions, tips, ...
Subscribe to the list on projects 'summary' page under 'Mailing lists' ( )

Posted by Dirk 2005-03-04

New release: phpMyBackupPro v.1.2

The latest version of phpMyBackupPro is online now.
It comes with many new features, bugfixes and code cleanup.
The 'one-database-patch' is integrated now, and there is a total new configuration!
Read the history.txt for more information or simply install it now!

If you are upgrading from an older version of phpMyBackupPro, please reas UPGRADE !

Posted by Dirk 2004-11-29


I am goint o create an new package called "stylesheets", which should provide .... stylesheets!

So: If you created a stylesheet for your usage of phpMyBackupPro: send it to me and you will see it released here soon!

Posted by Dirk 2004-10-12

phpMyBackupPro v.1.1 + new language files

The latest version of phpMyBackupPro is online now.
It comes with some new features, bugfixes and code cleanup.
Read the history.txt for more information or simply install it now!

Posted by Dirk 2004-10-09

Arabic version

The new package "language packages: arabic" contains an Arabic language package for phpMyBackupPro v.1.0 and a full Arabic version of phpMyBAckupPro v.1.0 which also has the text from right to left.

Posted by Dirk 2004-10-07

patch getDB_List() v.1

This new release getDB_list patch v.1 is for problems with the mySQL databases if running on a providers server. If you are not able to see your database although your inserted mySQL data are right, try this patch!

Posted by Dirk 2004-09-24

Language packages for phpMyBackupPro v.1.0

There are many new language packages for phpMyBackupPro v.1.0
Installation is still the same as just copy the language files to the language directory and read the install file.

Posted by Dirk 2004-08-30

New release phpMyBackuppro v.1.0

phpMyBackupPro v.1.0 is release today.
It contains many new features and bug fixes.
Some security problems were fixed and shell mode is supported now!

There are also many new language packages for using phpMyBackupPro v.1.0 in German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian or Greek.

Posted by Dirk 2004-08-30

new release phpMyBackupPro v.0.6.1 + german files v.0.6.1

Ther were som small changes to phpMyBackupPro v.0.6.1 why I advise to download only this version.
Informations about new features and bugs fixed can be found in the history.txt included.

Posted by Dirk 2004-06-30

new release phpMyBackupPro v.0.6

new verison of phpMyBackupPro released now!
New features are: login function, page to send sql queries, and some small bug fixes.

Please sumbit all bugs as well as spelling errors using the tracker system on

Posted by Dirk 2004-06-29

released phpMyBackupPro v.05 + german & french files

The last version of phpMyBackupPro v.0.5 is released now!
It comes along with several new features like a db info page and more.

The first french language package and the second german language package are released as well!

Posted by Dirk 2004-06-16

phpMyBackupPro v.0.4.1

this new releases is more contains some small bugfixes and works fine in supporting several language files

I recommend to use this version!
German language files are also available now!

Posted by Dirk 2004-06-10

phpMyBackupPro v.0.4

fixed big variable name bug in phpMyBackupPro v.0.3.

that's why v.0.3 is no longer released!

Posted by Dirk 2004-06-08

phpMyBackupPro v.0.3 beta

phpMyBackupPro v.0.3 beta is released!

This is the first public version of this very ease to use mySQL backup utility.

Please read the release notes for more info.

Posted by Dirk 2004-06-07

New Release of phpMyBackupPro v.0.3

Coming soon: First release of phpMyBackupPro, an web-based and OS independent mySQL db backup utility. Features are easy configuration, backup by email or FTP, scheduling backups, import of backups, gziped or plain text backups, multi languages, online help.

Posted by Dirk 2004-06-03

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