schedule.php hangs - Server times out

  • hotrod2

    hotrod2 - 2011-10-18

    i just installed phpMyBackupPro V2.2.

    The Install directory is
    System information
    Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0
    PHP Version: 5.1.2,  PHP Memory Limit: *Can not be retrieved*
    gzip compression possible: yes
    Emails sendable: yes
    FTP transfer possible: yes
    MySQL Server: 5.0.45, MySQL Client: 4.1.18

    Using the User Interface,the Login, Configuration & Backup pages work fine. But the 'schedule backup' page (schedule.php)  does not respond & eventually the server times-out with the message…

    Function timed out!
    The reason probably is a database which is to large.
    Enlarge the values of the PHP directives "memory_limit" and "max_execution_time" (see PHP manual).

    Based on forum discussion, I added a blank directory above the used directory, but that made no difference.
    The database being backed up is small & the manual 'backup' tab works fine.

    Any help greatly appreciated.. Thanks.

  • Dirk

    Dirk - 2011-10-18

    The reason is probably that pMBP tries to create a list of all directories one level above the pMBP installation-directory with all of their subdirectories. This must be a very large list at your server.
    One solution should be to place pMBP inside another directory. If it is installed unter try to move it to Then pMBP should only create a list of directories below "tools"

  • hotrod2

    hotrod2 - 2011-10-18

    Thanks for your response.
    I now have pMBP 2 levels down in two directories that are empty except for the pMBP at the bottom level.
    No improvement. The same issue still exists? Can you suggest what line in schedule.php I should monitor to determine what is causing the script server delay?

  • hotrod2

    hotrod2 - 2011-10-19


    The issue was that the Microsoft-IIS/6.0 Webserver that I'm using( via an ISP) does not support $_SERVER. It is returned as a blank string.
    So, I have had to update 'schedule.php' as shown below…

    require_once("login.php"); // Unchanged
    // New code
    $document_root = $_SERVER;
    if ($document_root == "") {
    $path_parts = pathinfo($_SERVER);
    $document_root = $path_parts;
    // Also need to replace all uses of $_SERVER with $document_root

    It works now. Thanks.

  • joint_striker

    joint_striker - 2012-07-02

    I know this is an old thread but I wanted to ask if there is any other solution to this problem.
    I'm having the same issue but the workaround from hotrod2 isn't working for me. Thanks in advance.

  • joint_striker

    joint_striker - 2012-07-02

    By the way, I found that this issue arises when using phpMyBackupPro v.2.2 but not with phpMyBackupPro v.2.1, so for the moment I'll keep using v2.1.


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