Large DB fail tobackup /20 MB email

  • CommandMasterChiefDK


    Love this backup solution! Runs perfect on several small sites however I want to use phpmybackuppro on a larger website.

    I try to backup a MysqlDB (uncompressed 160MB) (gz approx. 17 MB) - when i backup from phpmybackuppro, I don't get any error messages just a blank/white page. Any idea why that is!

  • Jed Ashford

    Jed Ashford - 2010-11-12

    I had the same problem, after 4 hours and many trials and error I found the problem:

    heres the header to the problem function in

    function PMBP_save_to_file($backupfile,$zip,&$fileData,$mode) {

    The problem is the &$fileData. Its being passed by reference, I dont know why mine was breaking here. I took off the & and now I'm getting my large db to be backed up….I suspect its slower and takes more resources since it needs to copy every 32MB but it does work :)

    just make the header look like this:

    function PMBP_save_to_file($backupfile,$zip,$fileData,$mode) {   

    Good luck!


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