I really need scheduled backup

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    Hi! I installed phpMyBackupPro and it works fine. It backups my database, zips and save it into export folder. In my email address I receive the zip file regularly.

    But I really need scheduled backup each day and it don't works. I followed instructions. In the schedule backup page I select "at each call", I chose the directory of phpMyBackupPro, the database to backup and receive the script which I put into a file named my_cron.php

    After, I open the browser, go to www.mysite.com/phpMyBackupPro/my_cron.php and it appears a page 555 Internal server error.

    I tried all the ways, but I was not able to make the script works. I tried to modify the relative path in my_cron.php, I tried different location for my_cron.php, I have read each help file and all forum topics, but no solution. 555 Internal server error.

    What's the problem? Why manual backup works fine but it's so hard to have scheduled backup?
    Are you really sure scheduled backup script works right?

    Help me, please.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      What does internal server error mean? (-> servers documentation)
      Do you use Apache?
      It seems like the problem is, that the server can't interpret or open the file. Did you try to set the file to writeable for all? (chmod 0777)

      I never had such a problem, for me the scheduled backup works fine every day for two differen databases...

      (Did you try to include the schedule script into another php script?)

      eg. after something like


      echo "hello!";


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've found!
      On my hosting server all files have to be chmod 755. If I set a file to chmod 777, it will not be executed...

      • Nobody/Anonymous



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