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I'm new to MySQL and phpMyAdmin so please be gentle with me!

I'm trying to create a r=trigger on a table as below which runs fine and phpMyAdmin say's it was successful, however when I run a show triggers no triggers are returned, can anyone help as I must be missing something?

delimiter //

CREATE TRIGGER jos_jd_donors_ai AFTER INSERT ON jos_jd_donors FOR EACH ROW
declare row_count integer default 0;
select count(*) into row_count
from jos_jd_donors
where campaign_id = new.campaign_id;

if row_count > 2 then
update jos_jd_campaigns
set published = 0
where campaign_id = new.campaign_id;
end if;

delimiter ;

Many thanks



  • Marc Delisle

    Marc Delisle - 2011-05-29
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  • Rouslan Placella

    what version of mysql?

    Anyway, remove both DELIMITER statements, you don't need them. Put the query alone in the SQL box, without any delimiters other than the semicolon anywhere and then set a special delimiter (// for example) in the textbox under the SQL box (on the left) and run the query. Should work fine then.

    Once you create a trigger, it will also show up in the structure tab of the table, at the bottom of the page ;)

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