#1046 Segmentation Faults?


Tried installing the available port (on FreeBSD) and grabbed the lasted stable download (2.10.3)

extracted the files,
setup apache to redirect (this is working fine)
created the config folder and set the perms

all i am getting is a blank page, both for phpmyadmin and scripts/setup.php

query my error log, and it is saying segmentation faults(11)

freebsd support didint have any advice (well the IRC channel on freenode)

using php v 5.1.6
apache 1.3 with mod_php mod_perl and some other bits
and near enough latest freebsd (installed the other day)
mysql 5.1

Barry Carlyon


  • Jürgen Wind

    Jürgen Wind - 2007-07-21

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    see http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=39036
    the bug was fixed in php 5.2

  • Barry Carlyon

    Barry Carlyon - 2007-07-23

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    Originator: YES

    ty, all sorted now just need to configure (got my ports updated )

  • Marc Delisle

    Marc Delisle - 2007-08-02
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