#1250 php.ini and MySql default configuration

steve smith

We would dearly like a Xampp version for use by non-developers for standalone local use.
These users run HTML/Javascript apps as stanadalone or on small LANs entirely behind the firewall.
The new Firefox 4 and Chrome 6 are becoming such a rich semipermanent to develop user interfaces for any application, not just web.

Problem is these users can never edit the config.
So the following defaults would be ideal.

extension=php_dbase.dll (dbase extension is start up option on linx)
post_max_size=900M (or no limit)
upload_max_filesize=900M (or no limit)
memory_limit=900M (or no limit)
max_input_time=36000 (or no limit)
max_execution_time=36000 (or no limit)
session.gc_maxlifetime=36000 (or no limit)

MySql Configuration
ft_min_word_len=3 (default is 4)
max_allowed_packet=16000000 (default 1mb)

I know that max_execution_time is needed to stop run away scripts but developers can change it where as casual users will not.

The php_dbase.dll is a start switch on Linux. This will be very useful for the next few years as the import from legacy xbase applications

The max_allowed_packet is for the increasing use of MySql geometry field for GIS apps.


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    Marc Delisle - 2010-08-07
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  • Marc Delisle

    Marc Delisle - 2010-08-07

    Please ask this to the XAMPP team, not the phpMyAdmin team.

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