#1065 Metalink download support



Because there are no BitTorrent downloads yet,
I would recommend to add Metalink downloads as they are supported by many clients now and there are very easy scripts to generate Metalinks

It would be easier and faster to download new phpMyAdmin releases with .metalink files.

for an example of what is already possible.

I attached a full example for the current phpMyAdmin 2.11.2 release, please try them in a download client of your choice (for example the current DownThemAll beta for Firefox).

The Metalinks include MD5/SHA1/SHA256/ED2K checksums and piece hashes for faster error recognition and correction and all SourceForge mirrors including their country codes so one or even multiple nearer mirrors will be automatically selected for faster downloading.

In addition, ED2K and Magnet links are included for cross-network P2P downloads and the attachment contains a XSL file to present a customizable and usable download page for clients without Metalink capability.

Keep up the good work,


  • Michal Čihař

    Michal Čihař - 2008-09-03

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    I think it is more reasonable to request such feature on SourceForge.net as general than on any random project. Have tried to suggest them such feature?

  • Michal Čihař

    Michal Čihař - 2008-09-03
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  • Michal Čihař

    Michal Čihař - 2013-06-11
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