#4490 Export produces 0-bytes file with no error message


(I have no idea what a milestone is, so I'm selecting the version where I've encountered the bug. Which is the version that shipped with xampp.
I also can't believe sourceforge is still using the confusing numeric labelling of priority where one is supposed to figure out whether the highest priority is 1 or 9.)

Steps to reproduce:
- go to Home
- go to Export
- choose "custom"
- select only one database. It's a pretty big one
- leave everything else as default (hence exporting data and structure)
- go download

Expected behavior:
- should export the whole database and download it. No reason why there should be any errors whatsoever, as I've verified that I can do a mysqldump of the same database, so phpmyadmin should be able to do that too; anyway:
- if anything goes wrong, you should get an error message indicating exactly what went wrong (e.g. out of memory or whatever)

Observed behavior:
- the file downloads pretty quicky and it turns out to be a 0 bytes file.

I've tried the same with a smaller database and it works just fine. I suspect the issue is related to the database being "too big". However, there's no valid reason why that should cause a failure. I hope phpmyadmin is not trying to retain the full dump of the database in RAM, that would be really stupid.


  • Marc Delisle

    Marc Delisle - 2014-07-19

    first, you are running an outdated XAMPP version. Second, you do not define "pretty big one". I just made a test with the current phpMyAdmin version (4.2.6) following your scenario and had no problem generating a 178 MB file. And no, phpMyAdmin is not doing the stupid thing you are describing, otherwise we would have gotten a lot of report similar to yours.

  • Marc Delisle

    Marc Delisle - 2014-07-19
    • status: open --> out-of-date