#4233 Phpmyadmin popup red boxes undefined.


On any version of phpmyadmin 4.1.x includign latest 4.1.4 I get popup long red boxes at the bottom saying undefined, they have a button as well that says undefined. It pops up on various pages such as the status page. version 4.0.x and 3.x do not have the problem. Software as follows.

Firefox ESRv24
Windows 7 Pro SP1

FreeBSD 9.2
PHP 5.4.23 FPM
Apache 2.4
phpMyAdmin 4.1.4 (affects all 4.1.x)
Mysql percona
Using mysqli phpmyadmin side and mysqlnd on php.
Directadmin is installed, phpmyadmin is accessed via a weird proxypassmatch configuration configured by the directadmin custombuild script, this possibly is related to it as I am guessing this is not a widespread bug given its still happening in 4.1.4.


  • Ann + J.M.

    Ann + J.M. - 2014-01-15

    Please empty your browser cache and retry to see if the red "undefined" box still appears. It is related to the "error reporting" feature.

  • Ann + J.M.

    Ann + J.M. - 2014-01-15
    • labels: --> error-reporting, interface, javascript, cache
  • chrcoluk

    chrcoluk - 2014-01-16

    Ok thanks this seems to have solved this problem but I do have another 4.1.x interface issue to report, the sidebar on the left icons are showing the wrong icons on the pmahomme theme, its fine on 4.0.x and older, and fine on the original theme, my icons dont match what I see on screenshots of 4.1.4. I have weird icons in place of what should be there. Should i make a new report for this?

    Last edit: chrcoluk 2014-01-16
  • Isaac Bennetch

    Isaac Bennetch - 2014-01-16

    You should try clearing your browser cache and/or forcing it to fully reload the phpMyAdmin application. Almost certainly your problems is old icons being stored in the cache.

  • Marc Delisle

    Marc Delisle - 2014-01-18
    • status: open --> pending
  • chrcoluk

    chrcoluk - 2014-01-20

    As I said clearing the cache solved the first problem.

    This did not solve the second problem initially, but it worked of after I restarted firefox. So it seems a cache clear + restart is needed not just clearing cache, force reloads also were not effective.

    Thank you for the support.

  • Marc Delisle

    Marc Delisle - 2014-01-20
    • status: pending --> works-for-me

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