#3214 strings truncated after import


there's an import issue existed in quite a few versions, we know the quotes will be converted into entities when using import from outcoming files, and all the strings will be truncated on the stage in forums/bug tracking systems, is there any possible to fix this import issue?


  • Isaac Bennetch

    Isaac Bennetch - 2011-02-19

    Can you provide a short example file that imports improperly?

  • Steven Tsang

    Steven Tsang - 2011-02-21

    Thanks for your response, sure, there you go.

    Translation of "search suggestion" is not intelligible

  • Steven Tsang

    Steven Tsang - 2011-02-21

    sorry for confusing, it is truncated in some types, for example, when i tried to import few columns into a bug system, everything went well, however, strings like "Translation of "search suggestion" is not intelligible" was truncated in the bug title field in the tracing system as "Translation of", other strings were gone.

    Type of bug tile: varchar(150)

  • Marc Delisle

    Marc Delisle - 2011-02-21

    I assume you talking about importing in SQL format.
    This string
    "Translation of "search suggestion" is not intelligible"
    is not in a proper format to be imported because it's not clear what marks the end of string. To verify, please attach here a small file that you are trying to import.

  • Marc Delisle

    Marc Delisle - 2011-02-21
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  • Michal Čihař

    Michal Čihař - 2013-06-11
    • Status: closed --> fixed

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