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Alpha Release up: phpMyAccess alpha 2.0

For your consideration, phpMyAccess alpha 2.0 is now available from the download section.
This is a complete rewrite, and is not an upgrade to phpMyAccess 1.5.x line.
This is a tool to allow you to design, edit, and run queries from your browser, with the ability to edit the data in the resulting queries right in place.

Posted by gf-dos 2011-03-21

New Release up: phpMyAccess 1.5.2

Bug fix release.
Fixes bug that caused alert popup after saving changes with Edit in line feature.
This is the Most Current version of phpMyAccess 1.5x line -- phpMyAccess alpha 2.0 prerelease is an alpha stage complete rewrite, and will be released within the next few days. (See readme.txt in phpMyAccess alpha 2.0 download for more details)

Posted by gf-dos 2011-03-18

Project phpMyAccess alpha 2.0 release comming

Announcing phpMyAccess alpha 2.0!

I am working on the getting the final pieces together for the alpha release of a complete rewrite "phpMyAccess alpha".
Get ready. I'm super excited to see what you think.

Posted by gf-dos 2011-03-17

New Release up: phpMyAccess 1.5.1

- edit in place feature added: click on a field, edit field, click off to commit
( See README and manual for details, uses AJAX )
- works with php 5 (starting with version 1.5.0)

Posted by gf-dos 2011-01-14

Project updates comming... 1.5.x

As you can see phpMyAccess has been updated to 1.5.0 giving it the ability to work on php 5.
I am working on the next upgrade which will add the ability to edit most tables shown by simply clicking on the cell to edit, making a change, and clicking off to post. This is now possible using AJAX techniques only dreamed of when 1.0.10 came out in 2002.

Posted by gf-dos 2011-01-11

PHPMyAccess Release 1.0.10 up

- fixes all the stuff that was not directly engine to work again
- includes some extra features
- tested, including demo app
- more code cleanups

Posted by Marc ter Horst 2002-08-30

New release up: PHPMyAccess 1.0.3

Some major code updates, added functionality

Posted by Marc ter Horst 2002-08-15

First public release, home page

Well, I finally got around to it, and put up a web page and a release.
This is beta, but should work for the most part. It is still undergoing structural changes, but on the whole seems to work well.
I advise to stay away from the query generation at this point though.
Otherwise, enjoy, and if it breaks, gimme patches :-)

Posted by Marc ter Horst 2001-07-08