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One server I can't edit

  • Glenn B. Jakobsen

    So I've setup the panel and everything works as expected, except one thing.
    The first server created is not editable through the panel for some reason.
    The error I get is:

    An error occured on ICE function call.
    The or slice-php file is incompatible with the murmur daemon.

    All other virtual servers is perfectly editable and gives no ICE/Slice-php warnings/errors.

    Info about the system:
    Debian wheezy
    ICE 3.4

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • ipnoz

    ipnoz - 2012-10-10


    Does your first vserver have an ID of 0 ?

    Check also that you are using the slice.php file for your murmurd in configuration->ICE tab.

  • Glenn B. Jakobsen

    Hi ipnoz,

    The Server ID is "1".
    And in the "Slice php file" it says: Murmur-1.2.3.php

    If I look further down I see:
    phpICE: 3.4.2

    The ice.slice: is empty, is that suppose to be?
    What I don't get is that I can edit all other servers except server 1.

  • ipnoz

    ipnoz - 2012-10-11

    what is the full version of your murmur daemon?

    About the ice.slice, it's normal with php ICE 3.4 .

  • Glenn B. Jakobsen

    It's the mumble package from Debian Unstable, since the one from debian Testing is broken.

    1.2.3-349-g315b5f5-2 -
    It should be:
    Mumble 1.2.4 beta

  • ipnoz

    ipnoz - 2012-10-11


    Ok, we found your problem :)

    The slice file Murmur-1.2.3.php is not compatible with your murmur version.

    You need to convert the of your distrib with slice2php:

    slice2php -all -ice /path/

    then copy the created file into slice-php/

  • Glenn B. Jakobsen

    I get this error by:
    /usr/share/slice/ error: Can't open include file "Ice/"

    Fixed by editing the file and changing the #Include

    And everything works - Thank you.


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