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Phpmole 1.3 released (the PHP IDE+HTML WYSIWG editor)

This is a major update to phpmole, after nearly 3 months of hard work, the new look, fully featured and only php ide written in php comes out of it's shell.

New features include:
New look, Interactive Debugger(beta), Database Navigator/Viewer, html presentation module, autotext, full color highlight configuration, better WYSIWYG html editing, faster help navigation, Midgard Image title and parameter support, slightly better win32 support and lots of other cool experimental stuff...

Posted by Alan Knowles 2002-05-13

phpMole 1.2 released

This is the monthly fix of phpmole, continuing in its quest to push php and php-gtk to the limits.

- First, thanks to Marius Andreiana for contributing
some fixes to window sizing and scp warnings.

Major changes

Midgard module
editing is now done in a dialog tab in the edit window, this
is a generic xml form editing system, that is under development.
A few more icons have been added
Most midgard features browse, add, update and delete - including group
membership are now working (the only remaining parts
are parameters and preferences)
Drag and drop image upload, copy and delete works - from any object to another
one - the gtkhtml widget also accepts drag drop from the image browser.
The midgard-reciever has considerable caching support using md5 sums - hence
any data that is requested more than once and is identical will come from the
local cache.... read more

Posted by Alan Knowles 2002-02-09

Phpmole IDE/editor and php-gtkhtml 1.0 released

Ever wished there was an easy to use WYSIWG HTML and PHP editor available on linux, that was written in PHP - so you could extend the editor the way you wanted. - It's here..
Put aside a few hours to try this out.

Posted by Alan Knowles 2001-11-26