• Per Blomqvist

    Per Blomqvist - 2006-12-07

    This thing is nifty.

    And simple, almost as if I can contribute.
    (Im not involved in any open project, though I bean a Linux user for year..)

    I was thinking of a hotlist of frequent sql-query, or a wiki, or simply a static page with tips&trick on SQL inputs.

    Or is minimal the main goal?

    Mvh, Per Blomqvist
    Web: http://phoohb.shellkonto.se
    Telnr: +46 70-3355632

    • Oleg Savchuk

      Oleg Savchuk - 2006-12-19

      Hi Per Blomqvist,

      actually 'minimalizm' is not a main goal.
      What I am trying to create is:
      1. simple/easy to use
      2. one file (for quick install)
      3. file size is under 64K (at maximum, currently ~17K, so there are room for enhancements :)

      There are my nearest future plans:
      - implement more functionality without entering SQL directly (for users without SQL knowledge - like easy row editing)
      - implement SQL history
      - and maybe some Help or FAQ (or better - make things more intuitive)

      Oleg Savchuk


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