#97 "-oi" as extra parameters to the php mail() function


When using php's mail() function there is no reason to specify "-oi" as extra parameters.

And if you are using qmail-infect rather than a sendmail wrapper in your "sendmail_path" then the extra params break the mailer.


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  • Marcus Bointon

    Marcus Bointon - 2013-04-05

    The code has changed substantially since the version you've provided the patch for, but it still has this issue. I've made a new branch that makes qmail support more controllable, but I don't have a qmail setup to test it on. Please could you take a look: https://github.com/Synchro/PHPMailer/tree/qmail

  • Gerald Villemure

    I see that... it now uses qmail-inject properly when the sender is set to qmail!

    But the case in question here is when using php native mail() function.
    There is no need for the "-io" option that I can think of when using the php funtion.

    As such I have updated the patch to better align with the recent version of class.phpmailer.php

    Thank for the great library.


  • Marcus Bointon

    Marcus Bointon - 2013-04-05

    OK, I've implemented that in the github branch, please give it a test, ideally using sendmail & qmail as well. I'd like to get some others to test these changes too before merging it into trunk.

    The project here on SourceForge is esentially dead, it now lives on GitHub. If you've not got to grips with git and github, I really recommend it!

    Thanks for the patch, glad you like PHPMailer!


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