PHPMailer 1.60 released

The last couple of months have been devoted to making phpmailer more stable for more mail servers and clients. This release fixes a major bug with the qmail MTA. A patch for /usr/bin/sendmail has been contributed. Some thanks must go out to the Eudora programmers for making the most stringent client regarding MIME emails. This client helped me fix a lot of bugs that were previously too difficult to find.

New support for embedded images has been added:
$mail->AddEmbeddedImage("rocks.png", "my-attach", "rocks.png"));

$mail->Body = 'Embedded Image: <img alt="phpmailer" src="cid:my-attach">' .
'Here is an image!</a>';

A unit test suite (powered by PhpUnit) has been added for all of users who would like to test all the PHPMailer functionality for their favorite mail client. Thanks to the PhpUnit developers (

A new PluginDir variable has been made for those users who do not have the SMTP class in the path:

$mail->PluginDir = "/path/to/smtpclass/";

SMTP timeout support has been re-added for *nix platforms only. Sorry win32 users, but socket timeouts are not supported by PHP yet.

A bunch of warnings and bugs have been fixed as well. Also, several methods have been refactored ( to make them easier to read and enchance. To view a complete list of changes please look at the ChangeLog.

Posted by Brent R. Matzelle 2002-04-10

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