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PHPLM version 4.0.5

Worked a lot on a new generation demos in DEMOS/NG. Also brought to life the CSSMenu class to produce pure CSS menus. There is still work to be done here. The user manual has been greatly restructured. Still work here also. Uploading this new version also fixed the SF anomaly where it did not download the latest version from the "latest download" link!

Posted by ank-99 2015-01-06

PHPLM version 4.0.4

Yet another reconstruction cleanup version. See the CHANGELOG. No substantial changes to the code.

Posted by ank-99 2014-12-13

SF file structure redone

I have restructured the file download area and reuploaded all files. Sorry if there is some temporary noise.

Posted by ank-99 2014-12-13

PHPLM 4.0.1 released

PHPLM v. 4.0.1 has been released. This is a minor release fixing and restructuring the package a little. Please see the changes log for details on the changes from the previous 4.0.0 version.

Posted by ank-99 2007-11-08

PHPLM v. 4.0.0 released

PHPLM v. 4.0.0 has been released. Please see the changes log for details on the changes from the previous RC1 version.

Posted by ank-99 2007-08-10

PHPLM v. 4.0.0RC1 released.

PHPLM is a PHP (+ Javascript) web menu system that provides various types of menus (including Layers Menus) with or without Javascript. It is a dynamically configurable menu system that supports menu data from files, internal program data or databases. PHPLM is the continuation of the very popular phplayersmenu project that has been stale for some time.

PHPLM version 4.0.0RC1 has been released. This release has no new fixes or features. Just clean-up code changes of the package from its previous phplayersmenu 3.2.0RC version in preparation for more serious work. PHPLM 4.0.0RC1 is still a stable version. ... read more

Posted by ank-99 2007-06-19

First Release Client for 4.0.0

I am working on updating the phplayersmenu (3.2.0-RC) package for a first release candidate as version 4.0.0. I plan to make only minor and cosmetic changes with this first release (like restructuring the file base and starting a user documentation section). I intend to have v 4.0.0RC1 out on or about 1 June 2007.

Posted by ank-99 2007-05-23