#8 $sess->new_query() required


Regarding add-query(), the docs say: Intended usage is
like this:

<a href="<<?
?>"> Reload</a> and log in?

The way it works is that if there is an existing value
in QUERY_STRING, add_query() expects self_url() to have
already ouput it. So it uses & as the sepchar and adds
the extra vars onto the end.

If add_query() is called after purl() and with a value
in QUERY_STRING, add_query() assumes QUERY_STRING has
been output, so uses & as sepchar. In fact purl() won't
have output the QUERY_STRING therefore ? would be the
correct spechar, so add_query() does the wrong thing.

There needs to be a series of methods that allow query
strings to be added to arbitrary URLs. I suggest
methods called new_query() and pnew_query(). Usage
would be:

<a href="<?
?>">another page</a>

These would function just like add_query() except they
would assume QUERY_STRING had not been output.


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