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  • Bernhard Finkbeiner


    I use permanent cookie login on my website. But if one has not activated cookies he can't log in. How can I do a permanent cookie-login and if that doesn't work it should use login without cookie. who can help me?

    Bernhard Finkbeiner

    • Anonymous - 2003-04-10

      grep your phplib files for locations of the word, 'GET' , it might be in another case. One of those locations will allow you to use failover to using GET in place of Cookies.

      Keep in mind that this will more easily allow session hijacking.

    • Toby

      Toby - 2006-08-13

      How ironic... I couldn't login to post on this, as I had cookies disabled!

      Anyway, I know this is an old post, but I found it looking for the answer to this.  I managed to find it myself though.

      If your version of PHP was not compiles with the --enable-trans-sid switch, then you will need to set

      var $trans_id_enabled = false;

      You're best off doing this in the local4.inc.

      Here are the notes about it from session.inc...

        * PHP 4 can automatically rewrite all URLs to append the session ID
        * as a get parameter if you enable the feature. If you've done so,
        * the old session3.inc method url() is no more needed, but as your
        * application might still call it you can disable it by setting this
        * flag to false.

      Hope this helps someone out there.



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