PHP 4.1

  • Jacob Hanson

    Jacob Hanson - 2001-12-13

    Wow--it's too bad to see the PHPlib list die as it did when we moved.

    Anywho, PHP 4.1 is out now with major changes. How will/should PHPLib be affected by the new )improved) input mechanism?

    Does this mean anything where PHPLib's session mechanism doesn't rely on PHP sessions anyway?

    I must say, I like the idea of the new vars: $_GET, $_POST, and especially $_SESSION. With $_SESSION, if you address a new variable, i.e $_SESSION["cornbeef"] it will automatically be registered with the session. Cool!

    • Gaetano Giunta

      Gaetano Giunta - 2002-01-10

      Looks like phplib developers prefer to stay on the 'safe' side: keep it compatible with PHP version 3 (at least as far as the 7.x series is concerned).
      -no use of native php session stuff (it is included in release 7.4rc1 as 'experimental')

      the latter point also relates to a long-standing bug of phplib not working with register-globals set to off... maybe it's time for a (r)evolution: let's have phplib 8 be compatible with php 4.1 onwards only!!!


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