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  • andrea

    andrea - 2004-06-03

    I attempt to configure phplib with iss but my site lost session when I change page. php have the same configuration of linux version. Can someone help me? thanks

    • Layne Weathers

      Layne Weathers - 2004-06-04

      Are you using the same exact site code as well as the same versions of both php and phplib as you were using on Linux? Or, are you developing a new site with phplib on Win/ISS that hasn't been tested before on Linux/Apache?

    • andrea

      andrea - 2004-06-07

      I use php 4.3.4 on IIS, 4.2.2 on linux/apache and the same phplib version (7.4).

      • Layne Weathers

        Layne Weathers - 2004-06-07

        Downgrade to 4.2.2 on IIS and make sure if your problem is with Win/IIS or with the PHP version. I've had to make changes to sites I built in PHP 4.1.x and 4.2.x in order for them to work properly with 4.3.x.


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