Anonymous - 2003-11-10

When I pars a template html file, the parse engine of sometimes parses html code with escaped quotas ( " ) like this:

<link rel=\&quot;stylesheet\&quot; href=\&quot;../templ/holz.css\&quot;>
<body bgcolor=\&quot;#ffffff\&quot; class=\&quot;t_blau\&quot;>
<div align=\&quot;left\&quot;>

As a result, the browser cant load the css file and cant handle most of the html tags. When I run the scripts with my local win32/php4.0.5/Apache1.3.14 (Win32) environment, there are no problems. But when i use it in my server linux/php4.2.1/Apache1.3.24 environment, it sometimes dont work.

I use the template-class like this:

include "../lib/php/";
$t = new Template("../templ", "remove");
$t->set_file("page", "tmp_popup_eintragen.html");
$t->set_var(array("WARNUNG" =>    $servertext,                     "GB_TEXT"   =>    "",
             "GB_NAME"  =>    ""));
$t->parse("INSERT", "page");

I hope somebody can help me, because my pages look  not good without css ond correct html tags :)

greets Dexter