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cross site session

  • Thorsten Greiner


    i'm using phplib on three subdomains. say, and

    when i start start a session on the variable $lang is registered. it's value is 'en'. now when i change from to i can't rely on this registered var cos it's a different domain, which seems clear to me. but is there a chance to hand over the session to the other domain, so that $lang stays 'en' and not defaults to 'de' cos it's not registered anymore?

    i tried to call the other domain with<sess-id> but it didn't work.

    any help apreciated...

    thanx, thorsten

    • Thorsten Greiner


      in on line 88 it reads:

        * If set, the domain for which the session cookie is set.
        * @var  string
        var $cookie_domain = '';

      enter your domain like '' and all subdomains of are covered.

      cheers, thorsten


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