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Default_Auth Relogin

  • Sergei Klitchko

    Sergei Klitchko - 2004-09-02

    I can't relogin from nobody to another user - don't get loginform. Why? Thanks.
    I use this code:


    page_open(array("sess" => "Example_Session", "auth" => "Example_Default_Auth"));


    if ($auth->auth["uid"] == "nobody"):

    <a href="<?php $sess->purl("$_SERVER[PHP_SELF]?again=yes") ?>">Login</a>




    • Sergei Klitchko

      Sergei Klitchko - 2004-09-03

      Soryy, I have understood:)
      It is necessary login_if($_GET[again])

    • Sergei Klitchko

      Sergei Klitchko - 2004-09-03

      And still one question. After login_if or logout impossible to load default auth page. For example, user nobody has decided not login but after login_if he get login request on any default auth page.
      Sorry for my english.

    • Sergei Klitchko

      Sergei Klitchko - 2004-09-03

      "To exit from this state, you have to set a global, which by default is $cancel_login (but you may change the name via $auth->$cancel_login) in
      all public pages. If you think your users are a bit smarter, provide a "cancel" button in the loginform.ihtml which calls
      $sess->url("a/public/page.php3?cancel_login=1"). "


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