how to phplib:plz

  • prasadtn

    prasadtn - 2002-03-16

    i know this is a stupid question.but plz help me.i have installed phplib in my linux box.its working perfectly in the aspect of sessions,DB,authentication.
    but i am not getting a start point.
    i have created a web page having a textbox field,pwd field & a submit button.
    now how should i incorporate the given features (auth) in to my web page.
    & also can i put my new pages anmy where (ofcourse in doc root of web server)plz help me.
    i am struck

    • Rune Kallhovd

      Rune Kallhovd - 2002-03-16

      If you read the documentation that came with phplib, you will see what you need to do. Check the 'phplib7.n.n/doc/' directory.


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