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Chat server built over PHPlet

Started as an example of the PHPlet capabilities, the chat evolved and we finally decided to upload it as a separate package.
All chat data are kept into the container instance (as for java professional chat system), the front end is built using XmlHTTPRequest technology, so that we have pure web environment with the desktop like appeal- NO page refresh, NO useless bandwith usage, NO applet to download.
What a great chat! Download at

Posted by Luca Mariano 2005-10-14

New release

A lot of works has been done into this release, mainly around the multiprocess layout.

<LI>The HTTP multiprocess server is now stable, there is a console that reports in any moment running processes, status of processes (like apache scoreboard), etc.
<LI>There is also a Multi Process Manager architecture that allows to plug-in into server a dynamic process manager; at this moment, only pre-fork is implemented.
<b>Important notice</b>: phplet project has two new developers! welcome to qkfeto and jgrivsky!

Posted by Luca Mariano 2003-11-28

DbConnectionPool facility added

With DbConnectionPool (since rel.0.0.6) a phplet developer can connect to his datasource in the simpliest way, by having into his hands all the power of a PEAR::DB object. Multiprocess layout takes advantage of this facility to manain persistent connections to data sources without any system overhead.

Posted by Luca Mariano 2003-11-20

New release for PHPlet container

Rel. 0.0.5 is ready for download.
Major changes:
- Added classloader interface;
- Rewritten multiprocess classloader implementation;
- New examples for container persistance added;
- Various bug fixes.

Posted by Luca Mariano 2003-11-19

First (official) Phplet Performance Test

Yes, we've the first performance results...
This is of capital importance, because this project will continue only if test says some good things...
See with your own eyes the results at

Posted by Luca Mariano 2003-11-13

New source layout

With this version the major improvement is a source code refactoring.
This version does not rely on external libraries; all used classes are placed into /ext dir.

Posted by Luca Mariano 2003-11-11

New release of PHPlet supports multithread

Since this release (0.0.1) the PHPlet engine supports the multi-thread model.
This is done thanks to a class that I developed some times ago that emulates the thread behaviour using process forking and shared memory.
These are not so well known sides of PHP programming, however this features are useful for this project and for servers in general.
I'm currently trying to add this class to the PEAR official repository, so that installatoin will be more easy.

Posted by Luca Mariano 2003-11-07

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