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PHP Layers Menu / News: Recent posts

RTL languages support for PHPLM 3.2

I have uploaded patch 1028018 - "RTL languages support" - to add support of RTL languages to PHPLM 3.2.0-rc:


This patch has not been widely tested and has to be considered of alpha-quality, use it at your own risk.

Everyone interested and able to improve it is *strongly* *encouraged* to contribute and help us to provide a better RTL support.... read more

Posted by Marco Pratesi 2004-09-14

PHPLM at the Metro Olografix Camp (MOCA): 20-22/8/2004

On August 20-22 I will be with TELUG
(Teramo Linux Users Group) in a stand
at the Metro Olografix Camp (MOCA)
in Pescara - Italia:

I will present the PHPLM project,
the forthcoming 3.2.0 version, and
some perspectives for future versions.

I will take with me my home computer
and I will show PHPLM in action on a
Mandrake Linux 10.0 Official running
some Mozilla versions, Konqueror 2.2,
3.0, 3.1, 3.2 (i.e. the version that
comes with MDK 10.0), and 3.3.0-rc2,
Opera 6.0, 6.1, 7.1, 7.2.
All the above mentioned browsers
will be run on the same distribution.
The supported MSIE versions will run
on another computer ;-)... read more

Posted by Marco Pratesi 2004-08-17

"Dynamenu" Block for Postnuke CMS powered by PHP Layers Menu

I am publishing this new on behalf of Nate Welch.

Marco Pratesi


DynaMenu is a block for the Postnuke Content Management System
(http://www.postnuke.com) which allows the user to create *multiple* dynamic
and plain text menus for their Postnuke website navigation. Menu styles
include a vertical "fly-out" menu and a horizontal "drop-down" menu which run
on Javascript; a tree-style vertical menu which can be collapsed/expanded,
using the DOM (Document Object Model); and plain text menus, with indented
subcategories.... read more

Posted by Marco Pratesi 2004-06-08

SiteBar 3.1 released with PHPLM support

SiteBar can now act as a backend for PHPLM:
SiteBar 3.1 provides support to output
the menu structure in the format used
by the PHP Layers Menu System.

This allows to embed SiteBar in web pages,
beside the "classic" possibility of using it
via iframe.

Visit the SiteBar web site for further informations:

Marco Pratesi

Posted by Marco Pratesi 2004-02-29

"The PHP Layers Menu Project Revealed" in php|arch dec. 2003

PHP | Architect has published a paper authored by me,
entitled "The PHP Layers Menu Project Revealed",
in the December 2003 issue, that is also
the first "anniversary issue" of php|architect:


Marco Pratesi

Posted by Marco Pratesi 2003-12-23

PHP Layers Menu at the Linux Day 2003 in Teramo - Italia

I have presented the project in my talk at the Linux Day 2003
in Teramo - Italia:


The "slides" that I have used for my talk:


(sorry, only in Italian, as the event was in Italy ;-)
they are to be browsed with Mozilla at 800x600,
preferably on a system providing the Bitstream Vera fonts
(Mandrake 9.2, as an example); this is the correct view:... read more

Posted by Marco Pratesi 2003-12-08

Choice of browsers to be supported by PHP Layers Menu 3.1

On the Open Discussion Forum, I have started
a discussion about browsers to be supported
by PHPLM 3.1x.

Briefly, I am inclined to drop the support
of some too old browsers.
If you are adverse to this intention, please
let me know...



Marco Pratesi

Posted by Marco Pratesi 2003-08-03