#22 AccessKey support


It would be nice to be able to specify the AccessKey
attribute of the links of the menu options. The PHPLMS
would only set the AccessKey in the HTML and maybe
underline the first occurrence of the character in the
link text.

Just for documenting, AccessKey according to W3C (HTML 4):

Pressing an access key assigned to an element gives
focus to the element. The action that occurs when an
element receives focus depends on the element. For
example, when a user activates a link defined by the A
element, the user agent generally follows the link...
User agents should render the value of an access key in
such a way as to emphasize its role and to distinguish
it from other characters (e.g., by underlining it).

In Windows links with accesskey are followed by Firefox
when pressing Alt+AccessKey, is focused by IE (but not
followed with Alt+AccessKey, and is followed with Opera
7.x with (the awful) Shift+Esc, AccessKey.

In the three browsers the AccessKey is not rendered
emphasized (no underlining or anything).


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