Help:Third Layer only blinks and hide

  • volker

    volker - 2006-05-02

    Hello Group!

    I'm using PHPLM 3.2.0-rc (vertical Menu with file) for some month. Now I made some changes on the site and link design. All links are now like index.php4?content=something.

    Site address:

    My problem: Everythings works normal but in the section 'Informationen' I can't get into the second and third menu level. I move the mouse there an the layer will be hidden.

    Here is the content of the file:

    .|Über uns|index.php4?content=ueberuns|Über uns
    .|Online-Shop|shop/index.shtml|bequem online einkaufen||_new
    .|mehr für Babys
    ...|sicheres Anschnallen|index.php4?content=info03|sicheres Anschnallen während der Schwangerschaft
    ...|PVC in Spielzeug|index.php4?content=info05|PVC in Spielzeug
    ...|Plötzlicher Kindstod|index.php4?content=info06|Plötzlicher Kindstod
    ...|Plötzlicher Kindstod (Matratzen)|index.php4?content=info07|Plötzlicher Kindstod (Matratzen)
    ...|richtiges Tragen|index.php4?content=info08|richtiges Tragen
    ...|Allergien durch Stofftiere|index.php4?content=info09|Allergien durch Stofftiere
    ..|billig kann jeder||billig kann jeder!||_new
    ..|Links|index.php4?content=links|externe Links
    ..|preiswerte Werbung||preiswerte Werbung||_new
    ..|Händlerportal||Zugang für Fachhändler||_new
    #..|Programmierung||Softwareentwicklung & Programmierung||_new

    Who can help to locate this problem?



    • volker

      volker - 2006-05-03

      Hello Forum,

      this problem is solved! It's not a problem with PHPLM but a bug in IE.

      I made a box (css) with 100%-width as site header above the menu box. So IE misinterpreted this width an the second submenu level couldn't be opened.

      I set the width to 97% and its working fine.




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