Any status on a new RC build for 3.2?

  • DCohen

    DCohen - 2004-12-14

    Would like to know if there is a status on a new 3.2 RC2 build.  If you need a beta tester I'd gladly sign up.

    • Marco Pratesi

      Marco Pratesi - 2004-12-22

      Hello, 3.2.0 is already basically ready since from
      the mid/end of August; the only change that I need
      to make for 3.2.0 final (already done on my home computer)
      is a smarter error reporting for wrong DB parameters.

      The reason why I still delay the final release is
      that I have still not finished the new manual;
      I planned to end it for the end of August, but
      some personal problems have prevented me
      from completing everything at that time; subsequently
      I have been very busy at work and for organization
      of the Linux Day in Teramo; I hope to complete
      everything during the Christmas period.

      Do you believe that it would be better, in the meantime,
      to release 3.2.0 final anyway, even though the manual
      is still not available?
      Basically, I fear that I would receive a relevant number
      of FAQs that should be covered just by the manual.

      Marco Pratesi

    • DCohen

      DCohen - 2004-12-22

      Thanks Marco, I would wait to release until you have the manual ready.  The reason I asked the question is because of this <a href="">bug</a>.  It causes a major problem to people who use IE since they cannot get to the submenus.

    • Marco Pratesi

      Marco Pratesi - 2004-12-23

      > because of this bug

      As I have written in the bug report, it's not a phplm bug,
      it is an msie6 bug; and it manifests only if the menu
      has not enough space in the browsing window.

      In the bug report I have just proposed a workaround
      for this idiotic msie6 bug, let us continue that discussion there.

      Marco Pratesi


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