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Down Arrow Problem - PHPLayersMenu 3.2.0-rc

  • Andrei Verovski

    Andrei Verovski - 2005-05-13


    I have encountered a problem I cannot solve myself.

    This is directory tree on SuSE Linux 9.3

    public_html -> str -> phplm
    in directory str I have my main_menu.php and menu structure file in directory phplm - PHPLayersMenu 3.2.0-rc package (I did not deleted/moved/renamed any file there)

    Now the problem: I cannot get down arrow to be displayed on the main horizontal menu bar. No matter what, I have only >> instaed of down_arrow.png.

    Below are the code:


    $var_ini_set = ini_set("display_errors","on");

    require_once './phplm/lib/PHPLIB.php';
    require_once './phplm/lib/';
    require_once './phplm/lib/';

    $mid = new LayersMenu();

    $myDirPath = "phplm/";
    //$myWwwPath = "~andrei/starlett/phplm/";

    $mid->setTpldirCommon($myDirPath . "templates/");
    $mid->setIcondir($myDirPath . 'menuicons/');
    $mid->setImgdir($myDirPath . 'menuimages/');


    // These functions return true, I have checked.
    $mid->setIconsize(16, 16);





    Here is snippet from menu structure file:

    ..|Macintosh Desktop computers|mac_desktop_index.html
    ..|Macintosh Portable computers|mac_notebook_index.html
    ..|Computer accessories|comp_acc_index.html

    Please note that I meant down arrow not displayed, not the menu icons which should be specified in menu structure file.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion(s).

    • Marco Pratesi

      Marco Pratesi - 2005-05-17

      Your message is rather off-topic here,
      and you have already posted it
      in the Help section.

      Please do not post twice the same message.

      Marco Pratesi


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