• Pat

    Pat - 2003-10-18

    Can you give some more straight forward directions for MySQL? I've setup NetJuke and Cacti to use MySQL but I don't understand how to use MySQL with this.

    • Pat

      Pat - 2003-10-18

      I created a database but now it's looking for tables.

      I keep getting this...

      'irchat.phpchat' doesn't existTable 'irchat.phpchat' doesn't existTable 'irchat.phpchat' doesn't existTable 'irchat.phpchat' doesn't existTable

      What do I do now?

    • Pat

      Pat - 2003-10-18

      ok After Adding the database, creating a user, modifying the common.php and importing the "mysql.scheme" into the newly created database I'm off to the races.

      I have one problem that remains. When I use PHP-IRCHAT people can see what I'm typing but I can't see what they are typing. I can't see them in the /who listing, and they can't see me either.

      I can /msg people and that works. Then they can respond to me and I get the response. Otherwise people have to /notice for me to see what they are typing.

      I think the problem has to do with setting the mode +I on connection. How do I change that?

    • hackmaster

      hackmaster - 2004-06-07

      i have your same problem, and i believe it is the server program. I have spent a good hour or so pouring over the code, and i cant see a reason. and i guess that this project is no longer being worked on by the creator

    • Derek

      Derek - 2004-06-08

      Check out the "not joining channel" topic in the Help forum.


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