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PHP iCalendar / News: Recent posts

Users should upgrade to 2.3

Some security holes have been identified in 2.24 and below. These are not present in 2.3 (which has many other benefits).

Note that 2.3 required php5.

Posted by Jim Hu 2009-01-12

2.3rc1 in cvs

A release candidate for version 2.3 is in cvs. Testing would be appreciated!

Posted by Jim Hu 2008-12-20

Security alert

All users should disable the internal admin system by setting $allow_admin = 'no'; in

A potential security vulnerability has been found that could allow a malicious user to place files on your server. This affects all versions, as far as I can tell.

Posted by Jim Hu 2007-08-24

Alternative web url

The domain sometimes has problems. The domain goes to the same site.

Posted by Jim Hu 2007-07-07

Version 2.24 released

Version 2.24 fixes bugs introduced in 2.23 as well as a few others that were on the tracker. Note that due to changes to make todo popups behave better, sidebar templates may need modification to resemble those in the distribution.

As usual, join us on for help, questions, and problems.

Posted by Jim Hu 2007-05-23

Version 2.23

2.23 has been released and we've already found some bugs in the new sanitize.php script, which is an important security component to block XSS attacks. A fixed version is in cvs and on the forums.

Posted by Jim Hu 2007-05-18

Release candidate 1 for version 2.23

We're working on version 2.23, which is mostly bug fixes. Please report bugs either here or in the forum at

2.22 still has its bugs, but may be safer for those who are not so adventurous!

Posted by Jim Hu 2006-11-15

Website has been back for a while

I really should update the news here more often. Note that the phpicalendar support site has been back up for a while.

should all work

Posted by Jim Hu 2006-11-15 service outage

The server (not at Sourceforge) for is offline until some security/hacking issues are resolved. We hope to be back up soon...actually we're up within our university firewall, but that doesn't help most of our users. :^(

Posted by Jim Hu 2006-04-18

phpicalendar 2.22

The latest release is 2.22. Fixes some bugs and security holes. Upgrade is recommended.

Posted by Jim Hu 2006-04-18

phpicalendar 2.2 security alert

A security hole has been identified in phpicalendar 2.2 which may affect some earlier versions after 2.0. A patch is described on the forum at

A patched file has been uploaded to CVS, and a new release will be prepared soon.

Posted by Jim Hu 2006-02-08

PHP iCalendar 0.9.1 released

PHP iCalendar is a php-based iCal file parser. Its based on v2.0 of the IETF spec. It displays iCal files in a nice logical, clean manner with day, week, month, and year navigation. It supports 12 languages. This is a bugfix release.

Posted by Chad Little 2003-02-26

PHP iCalendar 0.8 Released.

Posted by Jared Wangen 2002-10-28

PHP iCalendar 0.7 released

From the README:

-Added Year view
-New themes, Green, Orange, Grey, and Tan.
-Parses calendars much faster.
-Page titles added for bookmarking.
-Fixed bug not letting notes to fully display.
-Fixed bug in recurring all-day events.
-Fixed a bug for showing &'s and #'s in the javascript.
-Greatly improved Mozilla Calendar support.
-Overlapping events now display better.
-Added timezone support.
-Other various bug fixes.

Posted by Chad Little 2002-10-21

0.6 Theme SDK Released

0.6 Theme SDK Released

Posted by Chad Little 2002-10-06

0.5 Released.

Word up.

Posted by Chad Little 2002-09-30

0.4 Released

Improved recurring event support, event pop-ups, fixed html bugs, more style sheets, multiple language support, 24-hour clock support.

Posted by Chad Little 2002-09-23

0.3 Released

0.3 was released today, Sept 18th. Please submist bugs on this version. Thanks.

Posted by Chad Little 2002-09-18