• Tom Kocourek

    Tom Kocourek - 2002-07-03

    Found phphamlog while I was chasing links for logging programs. I like the ability of phphamlog, so I have been working on expanding it's abilities.

    I restructured the overall project to easily allow the addition of new logging modes (like Field Day Logging and say generic Contesting). I massaged the cookie handling to make it more robust. I also cleaned up some of the code.

    As soon as I get a handle on the CVS stuff, I will be uploading the changes via CVS.

    TODO: Add Cabrillo format output module, Add ability to switch logging mode without editing the configure.php file,

    • Tom Kocourek

      Tom Kocourek - 2002-07-14

      Second wave:  More massaging of the code and some bug fixes. The Cabrillo output is almost finished.... Just need to code the actual file output segment. TODO - still need to check the NORMAL logging mode with all these changes. 8-)
      73 de N4FWD


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