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How to set root level

  • Fabrizio Ulisse

    Fabrizio Ulisse - 2010-11-04

    Hi, I'd like to password protect the whole gallery. I know I should set root level other than 0, but I really can't find where this option is supposed to be set. Can someone help me please?

  • Questy

    Questy - 2011-06-02

    Not sure if this can be done, if if it can, if phpgraphy will have subdirs inherit a higher security level. In absence of this, a workaround could be creating a subdirectory, setting the security level of the subdirectory, then putting all your picture directories (albums) in there.  then no directories will be visible until a user logs in.

    There seemed to be a way by editing the text file (pictures.dat) that holds the security level for each directory (but I found that new directories copied in do not inherit the set level… 

    Details: On a quick search all I found was a sub directory in the pictures directory:

    there are a few directories listed in here, but perhaps only because I generated thumbs and LR (low res) images.


    (where "root" is the title you may have given the directory could be "pictures")
    I tried changing the 0 at the end to a higher number, but when I imported new image directories, nothing happened: they did not inherit the higher level.


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