Hi folks,

I am trying to get phpgraphy in my object oriented site. For each of the custom pages on my site i am creating a class wich extends from a defaultpage (with db functionality etc). My custom page for phpgraphy tries to change the working directory to the phpgraphy source, after wich i include index.php


class fotos extends DefaultPage
    function execute()
      require_once 'index.php';
      $content = ob_get_contents() ;
      // Finally add to text
      $this->pageInfo['text'] .= $content . '</div>';


Now, i can't get it working! I came as far as showing the picture folders but thats all! Since i had included three folders with images, phpgraphy returns about 100 php errors in the shape of:

PHP_WARNING: preg_match() [function.preg-match]: Empty regular expression

Does anyone have some tips for integrating phpgraphy?