#19 Full image view conflict


After upload image to an album, the full image view
doesn't show anything, only the phpgraphy logo, which
takes you back to the root. if an image is uploaded
to root, takes you right to the supposed full image
view, that doesn't show anything, as for it being a
root with an image in it, it totally stops working..
i use Denwer as my virtual server.
(sorry but it's in russian)

otherwise, phpgraphy is what i was looking form but
this (bug?) turns it down as it isn't working for me.

then, another one, when i try to delete a directory,
it sais
"Deleting pictures/directory/
Problem while deleting this directory
(Please check errors msgs above, to resolve this you
may have to delete (or change permissions) using your
FTP access as it's very likely some
pictures/directories belong to your FTP user.)"
has to be deleted manually, when the server
permissions are all set properly..


  • JiM / aEGIS

    JiM / aEGIS - 2006-09-15

    Logged In: YES

    For your first problem, see

    About the second one, incread debug level and copy/paste the
    content on a new post in the help forum - It's a problem
    with your config, not a bug.

    Thanks, JiM.

  • JiM / aEGIS

    JiM / aEGIS - 2006-09-15
    • assigned_to: nobody --> jimpower
    • status: open --> closed

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