#87 sort names on individual list by generation


My gedcom file consists of a few hundred of people with
the Chinese surname Kwan. The current method of sorting
names alphabetically on the individual list doesn't
work very well with my records; I just end up with a
very long list of names in Chinese characters in no
particular order.

Would it be possible to sort the list of names by
generation level? For example, after you select the
appropiate surname, it would look like this

1st | 2nd | 3rd| ...29th|30th |

1st generation (5 names)
name 1
name 2
name 3
name 4
name 5


  • L Rutker

    L Rutker - 2003-10-14

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    just a comment on this. I don't think that gedcoms store
    generation info. a) It is like a linked list meaning this
    would be very processor intensive b) how would you define

    What might be more feasible would be sorting it by birth
    century (would decade make sense?) and then alphabetically.
    this would put your list in chronological order. The only
    issue would be that anyone without a birth date would not be
    sorted properly regardless of generation

  • WYK

    WYK - 2003-10-15

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    I want to sort the names by generations to mirror
    traditional Chinese genealogical records (called jiapu). A
    jiapu traces the male line from the earliest ancestor who
    first settled in a particular location, down to the current
    generation. It was the responsibility of each generation to
    update this manuscript, and pass it down to the next
    generation. Since a jiapu was passed down from generation
    to generation, the information contained in a single jiapu
    can span for hundreds of years, and dozens of generations.

    For each individual, Im using the descendant field (DESC)
    to keep track of the generation level. My earliest ancestor
    Siu-Zhi, who was born in 960, is considered the first
    generation. I belong to the 28th generation. Would it be
    possible to sort the names using the generation level listed
    in the descendant field?

    Alot of the times the only information that is listed is the
    persons name, and the names of their male children, so
    sorting by date isnt a very good solution.

  • Gary Waterbury

    Gary Waterbury - 2004-01-31

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    I also would like to see individuals listed by age. I would have
    an input button to list, enter a year, individuals up to that
    year. I have relatives that go back to the 1500's. So a list of
    the elders, kids, and middle age people would help me see my
    family in relation to other members of my family.

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    Christophe B. - 2006-07-26

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    Jiapu may become an option to descendancy report (male line

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