#1171 Several projects/families - one installation?


Is there any possibility that PGV in the future could be installed once on a server, but used by several users? We have a server of our own, and 5-6 users that would like to use pgv for their - separate - family trees. This is not possible today, it is (if I´m not mistaking) not even posible to install multiple gpv:s on one server.


  • Greg Roach

    Greg Roach - 2009-12-16

    You can install multiple instances of PGV on the same server (I currently do this!). Each needs either its own database, or a different table-prefix in the same database.

    You can have several separate family trees (ie. separate gedcoms) in the same instance.

    Since the config files and source-code are stored in the same directory, the only thing you cannot do is have two completely separate installations that share the same code-base. Since the code occupies 10-40MB (depending on installed options), this isn't really an issue unless you want 100s of separate installations.

  • Łukasz Wileński

    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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