ATTENTION all Translators: BIG changes!!!!!!

  • Gerry Kroll

    Gerry Kroll - 2005-03-03

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    Please be advised that MAJOR changes are coming to all English language Help files. The changes affect almost every entry.

    Some of the changes are minor, being simply spelling, punctuation, or grammar corrections. Others are major. In several cases the English text was completely re-written, and in other cases the phrasing had to be cleaned up to make the text understandable. 

    I've tried to make the displayed format of the Help text better and more consistent as well.

    I'll add an extra column to the LANG_CHANGELOG file, where the nature of the change to each variable is identified. There will be letter codes, and an explanation of the codes will be provided. I hope that these codes will tell you how carefully you need to check each changed line.

    There will also be a few very minor changes to the lang.en and facts.en files.

    I'll be submitting everything except help_text.en this coming Saturday morning (North American time). I need to do a final quality check first, to make sure that each Help link produces the desired result. Of course, making entries into the LANG_CHANGELOG file will take a lot of time too.

    You WILL need to replace the various configuration programs to make use of the new English files. The old files will work with the new programs, but not the other way around. That's because I've changed things so that you can use references to $pgv_lang["xxx"] and $factarray["xxx"] variables not only in true Help text but also in text that is used for table labels, prompts, etc.

    The help_text.en file will come about a week later, and may require some other program changes.

    BE WARNED!!!!

    Gerry Kroll.

    If you want to have a copy of the files e-mailed to you, without using CVS, please let me know.

    You might want me to delay posting this stuff to CVS until you've had a chance to look at it and give your OK.  I'm in no hurry to get this into CVS.

    ... g.k.

    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2005-03-11

      I have uploaded a MAJOR re-write of most Help text.

      Files changed so far:  configure_help.en.php
      and  help_text.en.php

      configure_help.en.php should be fairly stable, with just the odd minor correction.  LANG_CHANGELOG.txt has been updated to show every line that was altered in any way.

      help_text.en.php underwent a MAJOR re-write of almost every line.  I haven't had any time to get the LANG_CHANGELOG.txt file updated.  Please assume that EVERYTHING changed.  I hope that there will be very few corrections to this language file, and any that will be necessary will be minor, not affecting translations.

      There will be very few changes to facts.en.php.  There will definitely be some changes to lang.en.php.  Both files should be available by 06:00 GMT this coming Saturday morning.

      If you have any questions, you can either reply to this post or send me a personal e-mail.  You can go through SourceForge for email, or you can mail me directly at  Use English, French, or German.

      Gerry Kroll.

      • Gerry Kroll

        Gerry Kroll - 2005-03-11

        facts.en.php has been committed to Future Branch CVS.  This file is now stable.

        There were only a few changes to capitalization of certain Fact names.  This should NOT affect translations.

        LANG_CHANGELOG.txt was updated to reflect these changes.

    • Gerry Kroll

      Gerry Kroll - 2005-03-12

      lang.en.php has been uploaded to Future Branch CVS.

      It should be stable enough for translation to begin.  There may be a few changes to message formats, such as adding extra <br /> or inserting the odd &nbsp;, but the words shouldn't change unless somebody notices a spelling error.

      If there are any significant changes to the words used (factual errors, for instance), I'll let you all know.

      LANG_CHANGELOG.txt has not yet been updated to reflect the changes.  I'll do that during the day tomorrow (Saturday).  Tomorrow also, I'll start on the changelog for help_text.en.php.  That one is a LOT of work.

      Gerry Kroll.


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