• Meliza Amity

    Meliza Amity - 2004-01-25

    Does someone prepare Hebrew translations for 2.65.1?

    • Boudewijn Sjouke

      Hi Melisa,

      One of our developers also takes care of the Hebrew translation. If you have questions, remarks or want to contribute to the translation, you can always post your message here.



    • KosherJava

      KosherJava - 2004-01-27

      The Hebrew translation is only partially done. I am the translator but I am not really a native Hebrew speaker. For most of the site that does not involve admin parts the work is done but it is far from complete. If you know of anyone willing to help, please have them contact me.

    • Meliza Amity

      Meliza Amity - 2004-02-06

      Should we include Latin alphabet letters and Hebrew ones or only Hebrew ones in the Hebrew Language Configuration Letters List?

      Some Individuals and addresses will be written in Hebrew, others in Latin letters.

      I guess we do not need to fill in the list special Hebrew letters used only at the end of words.

    • Meliza Amity

      Meliza Amity - 2004-02-10

      Preparing translations to Hebrew is pretty tricky.

      Pop-up and regular page texts need to be filled in different ways into the files because of the different behaviour of special characters (parenthesis, colon, comma, semicolon, question mark ...) and English texts (needed for instance for constants, commands and for labels).

      In many cases the text shown on the site or in the pop-up windows is not only taken from the language files.
      For instance the confirm_gedcom_delete file name and question mark should be shown to the left of the language file data. Currently they are shown to the right.
      Another example is the bottom statistics which I manage to show correctly (except for the English 'sec.' text) on regular pages, but which is shown in a wrong way on the Help Pop-up pages.

      How can I know which texts are used for Pop-up pages?

      Do you have any suggestions how I could test all the texts on the site? I do not know how to create all the possible situations.

    • KosherJava

      KosherJava - 2004-02-10

      Please email me the Hebrew files even if they are not complete so that they can be checked into CVS and we can test these issues in the alpha site. It is very tricky to fix some of these issues without being able to see them.

    • Meliza Amity

      Meliza Amity - 2004-02-12

      I sent the draft files last night (my time)

      We need to work together to find how to create correctly Hebrew messages.

    • Meliza Amity

      Meliza Amity - 2004-02-13

      Could one of the development team help me get hold of the changed modules that use pop-up windows? I need them on my server to update my Hebrew translations.



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